About Environmental Action

Environmental Action turns ideas into impassioned, results-oriented activism that protects our environment from polluters and their allies in government.

Our Mission

Millions of Americans love the places, plants and animals that make up our amazing country and planet, and they want to protect them. What’s the Environmental Action mission? To unite as many of us as we can around the values, practices and policies that not only sustain all life on our planet but make it awesome.

About Environmental Action

Environmental Action was founded in 1970, on the first Earth Day, as a community of grassroots environmental activists for a cleaner, greener world.

We believe that in a more perfect world, more of us would value the environment for its own sake, not because we get something out of it. We need to put the Earth’s health at the center of our lives, and embrace values, policies and practices that will help make life on the planet not just possible — but awesome.

We’re tired of seeing the wildlife and wild places we love degraded and destroyed by reckless exploitation. We know progress towards a greener world is possible when we work together. And we’re open to anybody who shares our passion to make all life on our planet not only possible but awesome — with clean air and water, abundant wildlife, and the places we love protected forever.

What We Do


We’re defending our nation’s wonderful, wild wolves wherever they roam. We’re working to restore Endangered Species Act protection for gray wolves; standing up for the last wild red wolves on Earth; and promoting protection for the lobos of the American Southwest.


Bee populations are in startling decline — but we can save them. We’re advocating for bans on the most harmful uses of the pesticides that kill bees and promoting the planting of bee-friendly habitat across the nation. Our Beeport Card grades states on their bee-friendly policies.


Our campaigns stand up for nature in all its forms. We’re working to stop harmful drilling in protected areas on land and offshore; stop deforestation in precious forests like the Tongass and the Amazon; save vulnerable wildlife from extinction, and beyond.

How You Can Help

If you share our vision and values, we invite you to join Environmental Action’s growing community of over 150,000 supporters. When you sign up, we’ll connect you with opportunities to take action to protect threatened wildlife, defend special places and promote policies that put the environment first.

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