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Tell your U.S. senators: No more fossil fuel subsidies

July 2023 was the hottest month since we began keeping records in the 1800s.1    This summer has brought record-breaking temperatures. Human activities, including oil and gas drilling, are largely responsible for pushing the planet to these unprecedented temperatures. But the federal government keeps subsidizing these fossil fuel companies. Call on your U.S. senators to end subsidies to the fossil fuel industry. Fossil fuel subsidies […]

Tell the FWS: Give these endangered bees a home

The rusty-patched bumblebee is on the brink of extinction.    Endangered rusty-patched bumblebees need protection. The species has declined by nearly 90% since the 1990s. That’s why we helped lead the charge to successfully make it the first bee to receive Endangered Species Act protections.1 But the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has never designated critical habitat for this endangered bee. These bees need safe […]

What this win means for the Grand Canyon

Great news! President Biden designated a national monument covering nearly 1 million acres around the Grand Canyon.    No new uranium mining around the Grand Canyon. This designation is a huge victory for the Grand Canyon, the wildlife that call it home, and current and future generations. The national monument permanently bans new uranium mining claims from being established around the Grand Canyon.1 Uranium […]

Tell your US House representative: We need more nature, not less

The United States is losing nature at an alarming rate.    We’re losing forests, deserts, grasslands, and more. Every 30 seconds, the United States loses a football field’s worth of nature. Forests, deserts, and grasslands are being replaced with development.1 Yet, legislation currently in the U.S. Congress aims to prevent further federal conservation of natural areas. Called the Acre-in, Acre-out Act, the bill requires […]

Tell Sonic: Put our planet over plastic

Too often, drive-through customers are coming home with something they didn’t order: plastic waste.1    Plastic waste is piling up. That plastic waste is piling up — the United States is the world’s single largest plastic polluter.1 And all of that plastic is devastating for our environment, especially when wildlife mistake it for food. In order to protect the planet, we’re calling on Sonic, one […]

Tell Congress: Wolves are treasures, not trophies

In just a couple of days in early 2021, hundreds of Wisconsin wolves were hunted and slaughtered.1    Vital protections for wolves are at risk. This was the devastating result of the Trump administration erasing Endangered Species Act protections for wolves, before a federal court restored those protections in the Upper Midwest later that year. Now members of Congress are trying to erase those […]

Take action to fight climate change and crack down on dirty power plants

Melting ice caps. Dangerous heat waves. Warming oceans.    Greenhouse gases from power plants are fueling climate catastrophe. The devastating impacts of climate change have never been clearer, and we’re only just starting to experience the tip of the iceberg. We know that we can’t fight climate change if we keep burning vast quantities of fossil fuels for electricity. That’s why the EPA has […]

Protect the Boundary Waters from toxic mining

The Boundary Waters is the most visited wilderness in the United States, and for good reason.    The Boundary Waters are a pristine wilderness. The million-acre environment is a lattice of pristine waterways. There are more than 1,200 miles of canoe routes that meander through the rugged terrain. Throughout the Boundary Waters, otters, moose, gray wolves and more make their home.1 Toxic mines have […]

Tell Home Depot to remove these pesticides from its shelves

Every year, approximately one billion pounds of conventional pesticides are used across the United States.    Pesticides are toxic and dangerous. From dicamba to neonics to glyphosate, many of these pesticides are toxic and dangerous, both to our environment and to human health.1 That’s why we need to stop using so many pesticides — and retailers like Home Depot can help. Sign onto our […]

Bears Ears is being threatened by uranium mining

What good is a national monument if we allow toxic mining to spoil it?    Drilling and uranium mining threaten to spoil Bears Ears. That’s what we want to know, as federal officials decide whether to allow new drilling and ultimately mining for uranium on the edge of Bears Ears National Monument in Utah.1 Less than two years ago, President Biden restored national monument […]

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