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  • Exxon hates America, loves Russia. Whats up with that?
  • Exxon: To Russia with Love

    Turns out Exxon really DOES hate America! First they took our tax money, then they polluted our climate, water and air. Now they're working with a sanctioned Russian oil company to open a drilling rig in the Arctic. Get the whole story and then join us in telling them to knock it the heck off already.

  • Water is a public trust and human right. Turn Detroit Water Back On!

    Last week, we declared a victory in the Detroit water crisis. Together, we took a huge step to prevent privatization and corporate destruction. Together, over 20,000 of us spoke out and together we've kept water a public trust and shown Detroit that environmentalists have their back! But the fight is still not over.

  • A victory for the planet in Detroit!

    Our round-the-clock efforts generated over 20,000 emails and signatures to Governor Snyder, helping to ensure that one of our most precious resources is in the hands of the public and not corporations. Your activism, energy and drive is what made Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder recognize the universal right to water and the protection of our planet by opposing water privatization.