In just two and a half days in 2021, Wisconsin hunted down and killed 216 wolves.1    When wolves lose protections, they die. That was the direct result of the Trump administration’s decision to erase Endangered Species Act protections for wolves in the Upper Midwest. After the Wisconsin hunt, a court intervened to stop wolf hunting in most states — but now Sen. Ron […]

In just a couple of days in early 2021, hundreds of Wisconsin wolves were hunted and slaughtered.1    Vital protections for wolves are at risk. This was the devastating result of the Trump administration erasing Endangered Species Act protections for wolves, before a federal court restored those protections in the Upper Midwest later that year. Now members of Congress are trying to erase those […]

Idaho’s state government has decided to slaughter most of the wolves living in the state.    Hundreds of wolves could be killed. They’ve set a goal of knocking the population down from 1300 to just 500, and they want to do it in just six years.1 That will mean dramatically expanding wolf hunting and trapping across the state. This is an emergency for Idaho […]

This Earth Day, we will not be silent as the lives of America’s wolves are threatened.    Just imagine what would happen if we were silent… How many more wolves would die, as their protections fell, from the Northern Rockies to the American Southwest, from the Carolina woods to the Great Lake forests? Would it be hundreds? Thousands? Over time, would any survive? We will […]

U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert’s bill to strip protections from gray wolves just got its first hearing.1 We have to stop it now.    Wolves all across the country are in danger. We remember all too well the last time the federal government weakened protections for the gray wolf. Where protections were lowered, hundreds of wolves were slaughtered. The Boebert bill would allow hunters and […]

It’s official: Wolves are coming back to Colorado.    Wolves deserve a safe return to Colorado. Coloradans voted in favor of reintroducing wolves to the Rocky Mountain State, and the reintroduction program is slated to begin later this year.1 But reintroducing wolves to Colorado doesn’t make any sense if it might be legal to hunt and trap them. Right now, the Fish and Wildlife […]

A critically endangered Mexican gray wolf named Asha was on a journey that could have transformed the future of her species — but wildlife officials stopped her in her tracks.1,2    A historic journey cut short. Asha was born in a patch of the American Southwest that the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) calls the lobo “recovery area,” but when she grew up, […]

Wolves are being killed by the federal government — and the hunts are being paid for with your tax dollars.     Our federal government should protect wolves, not kill them. In 2021, an agency called Wildlife Services in the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) killed more than 300 wolves.1 Our federal government should protect our vulnerable wolves, not drive them even closer to […]

Last winter, more than two dozen of Yellowstone’s incredible wolves were slaughtered.     This Giving Tuesday, wolves need our help. They were safe in the national park — but not in the surrounding states, where lawmakers have radically expanded hunting and trapping of wolves. These wolves had no way of knowing they were crossing the invisible, man-made park boundary as they were lured across […]

We’re heartbroken: Washington state officials shot and killed an endangered wolf this September.1     Washington’s wolves are in danger. From a helicopter, they aimed their guns at a gray wolf pup and fired. This deadly incident is another example of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife prioritizing cattle over the endangered species they’re sworn to safeguard. Governor Jay Inslee should direct his agencies to […]