wildlife refuge

Why are these deadly traps still allowed in our national wildlife refuges?       Wildlife refuges are meant to be safe havens. A refuge is meant to be a haven, a place for visitors to enjoy and wildlife to thrive. But in nearly half of our country’s wildlife refuges, pets, people and wildlife alike are all in danger of stepping into a painful — […]
bee on a white flower (photo: Pixabay user leswhalley, No rights reserved)

Bee-killing pesticides shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near our wildlife refuges — especially those our wild bees need to survive. But on August 2, 2018, the Trump administration decided otherwise.       The Threat to Bees National wildlife refuges should be safe havens for wildlife — including wild bees. Yet on August 2, 2018, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service lifted an Obama-era ban on bee-killing […]

On behalf of everyone at Environmental Action, Happy Thanksgiving! Whether you’ve spoken out to stop reckless wolf killing, donated to mobilize nature-minded Americans for cleaner water, asked your local home and garden store to help save imperiled monarch butterflies, or just shared one of Environmental Action’s posts on social media, you are making a difference. Please take a moment to watch this […]