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What on earth is Costco doing?    Costco’s shelves are packed with oversized plastic packaging. Our world needs to stop making single-use plastics that pollute the oceans and kill marine wildlife. Wasteful packaging is an obvious place to cut much of that waste. Yet Costco’s stores are selling small products — some as little as a 2-inch jar of cosmetic cream — wrapped in […]

Every year, a staggering 8 million metric tons of plastic waste end up in the world’s oceans.1    Sysco is the world’s largest food distributor. To protect our planet from plastic pollution, it’s critical that we stem the tide of waste. That’s why we’re calling on Sysco, the world’s largest food distributor, to eliminate single-use plastic packaging from its operations. Will you join us? […]

Imagine truckload upon truckload of plastic waste being shoveled into a fire, burned because we have nowhere else to put it. Acrid smoke rises from the scorched trash, releasing a host of nasty chemicals.    “Chemical recycling” is just burning plastic. Would you call that recycling? Because the petrochemical and plastics industries would. Industry players want to label the process of incinerating plastic as […]

Tiny plastic pellets are spreading across the Indian Ocean like wildfire, coating coastlines and killing wildlife everywhere they go.1       Plastic pollution is choking the planet. The plastics we’re producing are choking our planet and its wildlife. We can’t reduce, reuse or recycle our way out of this problem — but it’s not too late to change our relationship with plastic and save […]

Single-use plastics don’t belong in our national parks.     Plastic harms our most precious wild places. You just hiked miles and miles through Grand Canyon National Park, descending past layers of golden, majestic rock. You finally reach the bottom of the canyon and pop your hiking boots off to cool your toes in the Colorado River. Something hits your foot — you look […]
Sea turtle (Photo: Jeremy Bishop, Unsplash)

Each year, approximately 8 million metric tons of plastic waste make their way into our world’s oceans. That’s the equivalent of five grocery bags filled with plastic for every foot of coastline.1     Plastic pollution is deadly to wildlife. All this plastic pollution in our environment isn’t just unsightly. It’s also deadly. Millions of animals are killed by plastic every year, from fish […]

Plastic pollution isn’t on anyone’s grocery list — but at most grocery stores, it’s unavoidable.     Whole Foods scored an “F” for its efforts to address wasteful plastic packaging. In a recent plastic waste report, Whole Foods received an “F” for its efforts to address wasteful plastic packaging.1 Plastic packaging is flooding landfills, polluting oceans and hurting marine life — but we have a […]
Plastic bottles

There’s nothing “all natural” about plastic bottles. What in the world is Snapple thinking?      There’s nothing “all natural” about plastic bottles. First, the company that has long prided itself on being “all natural” recently switched from glass bottles to plastic. Then they brag about it. Yes, right on the label, near their patented “Made from the BEST stuff on Earth” logo, are the […]

By Pat Kelly-Fischer Scientists found plastic in the gut of every single sea turtle they examined, according to a new study. It’s especially alarming given that just a few pieces of plastic can be lethal for sea turtles. Despite the risks, 18 billion pounds of plastic waste ends up in our oceans every year. Polystyrene foam—what most of us call Styrofoam—is one of […]
Thank you for standing up for the planet this Earth Day.

We have some great news to share about our work to save monarch butterflies and put the planet over plastic this Earth Day. We were able to hit our $15,000 fundraising goal! The generosity of supporters like you will enable us to keep standing up for wildlife and wild places, including: Putting the planet over plastic by working to put a […]