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The western Arctic, spanning millions of acres in northwest Alaska, is an irreplaceable wilderness.    The Western Arctic is a haven for birds, whales, and more. The landscape is a patchwork of lakes, rivers, wetlands and bays. Millions of migratory birds visit the shorelines, while Beluga whales swim in the coves. Without permanent protections, this wilderness could be destroyed. We need to show the Bureau […]

By Rich Hannigan, board member Wildlife corridors are for wildlife. The word “wildlife” is, after all, right there in the name. But that hasn’t stopped the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) from leasing land in wildlife corridors to oil and gas companies, according to a report released in April. In fact, about one-quarter of all land leased by the BLM for fossil fuel […]
Polar bear resting, Alaska (photo: USFWS)

The Department of Interior (DOI) has kicked off its efforts to fast-track the lease sale to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to the oil and gas industry — and we really need your help to prevent another catastrophic environmental disaster. Add your name to oppose opening the Arctic Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. The Threat to the Arctic Polar bears, caribou […]