The fate of this butterfly is in our hands.    Monarch butterfly populations are collapsing. Monarch butterfly populations are collapsing.1 To keep these beloved pollinators from perishing, we must expand their protections, restore their habitat, and stop spraying pesticides that kill them. We’ve set a goal of raising $15,000 for the end of our fiscal year so we can do what must be done […]

Glyphosate — the main ingredient in the popular pesticide Roundup — is devastating monarch butterflies.1    Roundup is wiping out the milkweed that monarch butterfly caterpillars need. Roundup is ubiquitous. Every year, millions and millions of pounds of it are sprayed across the country.2 And all of that Roundup is wiping out the milkweed that monarch butterfly caterpillars rely on for food. Monarch butterflies need […]

Monarch butterflies, known for their spectacular annual migration, are fluttering in fewer numbers.    Monarch butterflies are dying. That’s according to a recent report, which has found a sharp decline in the number of migrating monarchs. The presence of monarch butterflies in Mexican forests, where they hibernate each winter, has decreased 22% in just a single year.1 This research is simply the latest reinforcing […]
Monarch butterfly (Photo: Wikimedia user Rhododendrites CC 4.0)

Scientists from the International Union for Conservation of Nature recently downgraded the monarch butterfly’s status to endangered — their populations had plummeted by more than 95% and, despite an uptick in recent counts, their numbers remain precarious today.1       Monarch butterflies could disappear from our skies for good. Despite these grim numbers, the United States still hasn’t issued protections for these butterflies. If […]
Monarch butterflies have declined by 90 percent since the 1990s. Photo: USFWS

Monarch butterflies have never been more in peril: These migratory wonders have seen their overwintering populations drop to less than 1 percent of their numbers in 1980.1     The clock is ticking for monarchs. It’s clearer than ever that monarchs need the proven protections of the Endangered Species Act, which has kept 99 percent of the creatures on its list from going extinct.2 […]

When North America’s monarch butterflies finally converged on their wintering grounds in Mexico this year, the species’ heartbreaking decline was laid bare. The butterflies covered 53 percent less area this winter compared to the winter before.1     We need to ban Roundup to save monarchs. If we want to save the monarch migration, one of nature’s greatest phenomena, we need to stop the […]
Monarch butterfly (Photo: Pixabay)

The Trump administration recently moved to permit the continued sale of glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto’s weed killer Roundup. The Environmental Protection Agency claims glyphosate isn’t a risk to public health.1       Roundup is too risky. we know glyphosate can be harmful to vital habitats and wildlife. Roundup annihilates milkweed, the plant monarch butterflies can’t live without.2 Killing these plants isn’t even a […]
Monarch butterfly (Photo: Erin Wilson, Unsplash)

At Environment Action, we think monarch butterflies rule. They’re an important pollinator, but that’s not all. Will you help save these beloved butterflies?   These tiny, beloved butterflies are a cheerful reminder of the beauty of our natural world. And — unfortunately — our monarchs are becoming more scarce. Today, you can help us protect the habitat they need to survive their […]

To save monarch butterflies, Environmental Action supporters have submitted more than 30,000 public comments to the Environmental Protection Agency calling for a ban on the main chemical in Roundup, glyphosate. The chemical is destroying the milkweed these butterflies need to survive. And we can’t stop now if we are going to save our monarchs from extinction. Monsanto and other powerful companies […]