Industries are chopping away the North American boreal forest, logging another 1 million acres every year.1    1 million acres of forest are chopped down by industry each year. That’s a big reason why, nine months ago, Home Depot shareholders told their company to do more to eliminate deforestation in its supply chain.2 We’re still waiting for Home Depot to publicly act. And so […]

Earth has lost a third of her forests.1    We must save the forests we have left. This is a devastating loss — for the climate, wildlife, and both current and future generations. That’s why we’re working to protect the forest that we have left and keep it healthy, wild, and whole. To do this, we’ll need your help. We need to show global decision […]

A million acres — an area larger than Rhode Island. That’s how much of Canada’s ancient, carbon-siphoning, biologically rich boreal forest is cut down every year.1     We’re flushing our forests away. Where does all that lumber go? A significant portion is pulped to make extra soft tissue products for Procter & Gamble, which owns well-known brands Charmin and Bounty. That’s not sustainable […]