Arctic Drilling

Did you know that insurance companies have an important role in protecting our planet?    Insurance companies have a part to play in saving the Arctic. No, they can’t insure mountains and rivers, or the wildlife that call them home. But insurance companies can commit to not underwriting oil and gas drilling in special places. A growing list of insurance companies have pledged to […]

Oil drilling doesn’t belong in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge — and there’s something you can do right now to help save this irreplaceable wilderness.    The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is at risk. We urgently need your help to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from a last-minute attempt at drilling. The refuge is one of the last remaining pristine wildernesses in our […]
Polar bear resting, Alaska (photo: USFWS)

The Department of Interior (DOI) has kicked off its efforts to fast-track the lease sale to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to the oil and gas industry — and we really need your help to prevent another catastrophic environmental disaster. Add your name to oppose opening the Arctic Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. The Threat to the Arctic Polar bears, caribou […]
tax bill threatens polar bears

The US senate has just passed a major tax bill…  and hidden within it is bad news for America’s threatened polar bears and other Arctic wildlife. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act aims to reduce tax rates.  To pay for the cuts, the bill relies at least in part on expected revenue from revenues generated by new oil and gas drilling […]

For Immediate Release: Contact Anthony Rogers-Wright (631) 402-7855; We are pleased but not satisfied with this important announcement. While there is much to celebrate with the protection of the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, the Gulf of Mexico was, again, omitted from consideration for protection. The Gulf South continues to be a premier sacrifice zone for the United States of America. […]