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River (public domain photo)

Protect the drinking water of millions of Americans

When you turn on your tap, you shouldn’t have to worry if your water will be clean.     The Dirty Water Rule puts our drinking water at risk. The Dirty Water Rule, left over from the Trump administration, put the drinking water of millions of Americans at risk of pollution.1 But with your help, we can put an end to the destructive Dirty Water […]

Tell Amazon: Ditch single-use plastics

Over the past year, Amazon’s plastic pollution has spiked by almost a third.       Half a billion pounds of plastic waste. According to a new report, Amazon produced more than a half billion pounds of plastic waste last year.1 We can’t let the convenience of two-day shipping pollute our planet for centuries. To protect our planet, we need to call on Amazon to ditch […]

Tell the EPA: It’s time to crack down on methane

It’s up to 28 times more potent a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide — and you can help make sure we emit a lot less of it.1       Methane gas is fueling the climate crisis. Methane gas is one of the biggest factors behind our warming climate — fueling the climate crisis that’s threatening endangered species across the planet and driving violent wildfires, […]

Tongass National Forest (Photo: USDA)

Help keep logging out of the Tongass

Wolves, bears, bald eagles and centuries-old trees all live in the Tongass National Forest — but without a change of rules, the logging industry could soon chop down their home.       Now is our chance to save this crucial forest. Last fall, the Trump administration suspended protections for untouched stretches of this vast Alaskan forest, which has been overexploited by logging for years.1 […]

Deadline Tonight: Help us save the wolves

It’s a dangerous time to be a wolf.       Wolves need our help right now. Almost anywhere in Wyoming, any wolf can be shot on sight for any reason — no permits needed, no questions asked.1 In Idaho, a new law has legalized a wolf slaughtering spree that could leave as few as 1 in 10 of the state’s wolves alive.2 Meanwhile, on […]

Tell the USDA: Stop killing wolves on public lands

The government slaughter of wolves is heartbreaking and unacceptable.       U.S. government agents killed eight wolf pups in an Idaho national forest. Wolf pups are born defenseless: blind, deaf, and small enough to be held in one hand.1 When Wildlife Services — a division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) — decided to kill eight wolf pups in an Idaho national forest, […]

Mexican Gray Wolf (Photo: USFWS)

What you need to know about wolf conservation

2021 was a hard year for wolves. Last October, the Trump administration yanked Endangered Species Act (ESA) protection away from every wolf in the Lower 48 states.1 This year, we faced the consequences: More hunting than we’ve seen in decades.  But hope isn’t lost for our magnificent gray wolves, their elusive red wolf cousins, or the unique lobos of the Southwest. Here’s […]

“Chemical recycling” isn’t recycling at all

Fossil fuel companies are touting a new solution to the plastic waste crisis: so-called “chemical recycling.”1     The term “chemical recycling” is highly misleading. Chemical recycling doesn’t turn used plastic into new products, but instead turns plastic waste into oil and gas to be burned. In the process, greenhouse gases and toxic pollution are released into the atmosphere.2 Solutions to plastic pollution shouldn’t create […]

Why are these deadly traps still allowed in wildlife refuges?

Why are these deadly traps still allowed in our national wildlife refuges?       Wildlife refuges are meant to be safe havens. A refuge is meant to be a haven, a place for visitors to enjoy and wildlife to thrive. But in nearly half of our country’s wildlife refuges, pets, people and wildlife alike are all in danger of stepping into a painful — […]

Twice as many wolves slaughtered — unless we take action

Twice as many wolves slaughtered. That’s the goal the state of Wisconsin has set for a wolf hunt that starts in just a few short weeks.1   wolf    Wolves need the protection of the Endangered Species Act. We urgently need to restore federal Endangered Species Act protections if we’re going to save wolves across the Lower 48 from a brutal hunting season. You can take […]

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