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Why is Amazon selling bee-killing pesticides?

There’s a simple way that Amazon can help save the bees.    Amazon shouldn’t sell pesticides that decimate bee populations. Currently, Amazon allows the sale of products containing neonicotinoids, a class of pesticides known to threaten bees. Neonicotinoids poison bees, damaging their nervous systems, causing memory loss, and making it harder for them to navigate and forage for food.1,2 Amazon can take bee-saving action […]

Tell Whole Foods: Put our planet over plastic

Whole Foods is a big contributor to the plastic waste crisis.    Whole Foods scored an “F” for its excessive use of plastic. In a 2021 report, the grocery store chain received an “F” for its excessive use of plastic packaging.1 Single-use plastic packaging is more than destructive– it’s also unnecessary. That’s why we’re calling on Whole Foods to eliminate single-use plastic packaging from […]

There won’t be Arctic drilling without insurance

Did you know that insurance companies have an important role in protecting our planet?    Insurance companies have a part to play in saving the Arctic. No, they can’t insure mountains and rivers, or the wildlife that call them home. But insurance companies can commit to not underwriting oil and gas drilling in special places. A growing list of insurance companies have pledged to […]

Take Action: The federal government is killing wolves with your tax dollars

Wolves are being killed by the federal government — and the hunts are being paid for with your tax dollars.     Our federal government should protect wolves, not kill them. In 2021, an agency called Wildlife Services in the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) killed more than 300 wolves.1 Our federal government should protect our vulnerable wolves, not drive them even closer to […]

This Giving Tuesday, give wolves a fighting chance

Last winter, more than two dozen of Yellowstone’s incredible wolves were slaughtered.     This Giving Tuesday, wolves need our help. They were safe in the national park — but not in the surrounding states, where lawmakers have radically expanded hunting and trapping of wolves. These wolves had no way of knowing they were crossing the invisible, man-made park boundary as they were lured across […]

Tell Gov. Inslee: Stop killing endangered wolves

We’re heartbroken: Washington state officials shot and killed an endangered wolf this September.1     Washington’s wolves are in danger. From a helicopter, they aimed their guns at a gray wolf pup and fired. This deadly incident is another example of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife prioritizing cattle over the endangered species they’re sworn to safeguard. Governor Jay Inslee should direct his agencies to […]

Monarch butterfly (Photo: Wikimedia user Rhododendrites CC 4.0)

Monarch butterflies are endangered, but still not protected. Let’s change that.

Scientists from the International Union for Conservation of Nature recently downgraded the monarch butterfly’s status to endangered — their populations had plummeted by more than 95% and, despite an uptick in recent counts, their numbers remain precarious today.1       Monarch butterflies could disappear from our skies for good. Despite these grim numbers, the United States still hasn’t issued protections for these butterflies. If […]

Take Action: Help save the red wolf

Wild red wolves are living on a knife’s edge between survival and extinction. As few as 15 of these incredible animals now roam their ancestral habitat in the forests of North Carolina.1       We have a chance to speak up for red wolves right now. With so few remaining, the wolves are in serious danger of being picked off one by one until […]

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