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How will the last wolf die?

This Earth Day, we will not be silent as the lives of America’s wolves are threatened.    Just imagine what would happen if we were silent… How many more wolves would die, as their protections fell, from the Northern Rockies to the American Southwest, from the Carolina woods to the Great Lake forests? Would it be hundreds? Thousands? Over time, would any survive? We will […]

Tell your senators: Don’t erase protections for endangered wolves

U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert’s bill to strip protections from gray wolves just got its first hearing.1 We have to stop it now.    Wolves all across the country are in danger. We remember all too well the last time the federal government weakened protections for the gray wolf. Where protections were lowered, hundreds of wolves were slaughtered. The Boebert bill would allow hunters and […]

Tell Costco: Stop supersizing wasteful packaging

What on earth is Costco doing?    Costco’s shelves are packed with oversized plastic packaging. Our world needs to stop making single-use plastics that pollute the oceans and kill marine wildlife. Wasteful packaging is an obvious place to cut much of that waste. Yet Costco’s stores are selling small products — some as little as a 2-inch jar of cosmetic cream — wrapped in […]

Tell the FWS: Colorado’s wolves are essential

It’s official: Wolves are coming back to Colorado.    Wolves deserve a safe return to Colorado. Coloradans voted in favor of reintroducing wolves to the Rocky Mountain State, and the reintroduction program is slated to begin later this year.1 But reintroducing wolves to Colorado doesn’t make any sense if it might be legal to hunt and trap them. Right now, the Fish and Wildlife […]

Tell Bayer: Protect our country’s pollinators

They were once common across North America, floating above grasslands and city parks from the Pacific to the Atlantic. But today, the American bumblebee is in steep decline — and the species could be in danger of disappearing for good.1    Neonicotinoid pesticides kill bees. In the past few decades, American bumblebee populations across the United States have dropped by around 90%, with […]

Take action to protect the world’s forests

Earth has lost a third of her forests.1    We must save the forests we have left. This is a devastating loss — for the climate, wildlife, and both current and future generations. That’s why we’re working to protect the forest that we have left and keep it healthy, wild, and whole. To do this, we’ll need your help. We need to show global decision […]

Tell Sysco to cut its plastic waste

Every year, a staggering 8 million metric tons of plastic waste end up in the world’s oceans.1    Sysco is the world’s largest food distributor. To protect our planet from plastic pollution, it’s critical that we stem the tide of waste. That’s why we’re calling on Sysco, the world’s largest food distributor, to eliminate single-use plastic packaging from its operations. Will you join us? […]

Tell Congress: Burning plastic is NOT recycling

Imagine truckload upon truckload of plastic waste being shoveled into a fire, burned because we have nowhere else to put it. Acrid smoke rises from the scorched trash, releasing a host of nasty chemicals.    “Chemical recycling” is just burning plastic. Would you call that recycling? Because the petrochemical and plastics industries would. Industry players want to label the process of incinerating plastic as […]

Two incredible places. Two big wins.

Two of America’s wildest places are now more likely to stay that way, thanks to new actions by the Biden administration. First, the wolves, moose and other wildlife that live in Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness won’t be poisoned by an extremely toxic form of mining upstream for at least another 20 years (or, we hope, forever). And, the bald eagles, […]

Tell FWS: Let wild wolves roam free

A critically endangered Mexican gray wolf named Asha was on a journey that could have transformed the future of her species — but wildlife officials stopped her in her tracks.1,2    A historic journey cut short. Asha was born in a patch of the American Southwest that the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) calls the lobo “recovery area,” but when she grew up, […]

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