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Monarch butterfly (Photo: Wikimedia user Rhododendrites CC 4.0)

Tell USFWS: Monarch butterflies need more protection

Monarch butterflies are precious — and we need to do everything we can to protect them. Add your name to our new petition for butterflies and help us make it clear to the US Fish and Wildlife Service that the public is on the monarchs’ side. The Threat to Monarch Butterflies Monarch butterflies need our help — since 1990, nearly 1 billion […]

Red wolf (Photo: USFWS)

Your second chance to speak up for the red wolf, the world’s rarest wolf

Only 35 individuals are all that remains of America’s wild red wolf population, roaming their protected habitat in North Carolina. But the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s (FWS) new management plan would shrink the wolves’ haven to just 12 percent of its former size — and legalize hunting of any red wolf that crosses the border.1 It’s not too late to […]

Sunflower (Photo: Aaron Burden, Unsplash)

Social Shares: Week of August 24, 2018

In this week’s social shares: a clean water win, climate change and coal and a wonderful video clip of new wolf pups out west. Social Shares for Facebook  Social Shares for Twitter Dicamba is a huge threat to pollinators like honey bees and monarch butterflies. Have you made your voice heard yet? ▶️ Take action: ◀️ — Environmental Action (@EnviroAction) August 19, 2018 Keep […]

Plastic straw (Photo: Anemone123, Pixabay)

Tell Chipotle To Ditch The Plastic Straws

Plastic pollution threatens wildlife and the environment, but your message to Chipotle can help reduce plastic waste. Chipotle and Plastic Straws First, it was McDonald’s in the United Kingdom… and a test here in the US.1 Then, it was Starbucks.2 Then, Ikea, America Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Hyatt Hotels, Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Sea World. They’ve all announced they’ll no longer be handing out […]

Fall leaves (Unsplash)

Shares for Facebook and Twitter: Week of August 17, 2018

In this week’s shares for social media: hero EPA scientists speak out against Trump administration’s bad science, missing male sea turtles and more. Shares for Facebook Shares for Twitter ❇️ Good news! A federal court just ordered the EPA to ban the sale of a dangerous pesticide. ☠️ Even small amounts of #chlorpyrifos can damage neurological development in children. More: (via @CBSNews) — Environmental […]

African elephants (Photo: Pixnio)

We can’t let elephants down

President Trump called the trophy hunting of elephants a “horror show” — but that hasn’t stopped him from allowing American trophy hunters to once again kill threatened and endangered elephants and lions and important them back to the US as souvenirs from their hunt. The Threat to Elephants Just a few decades ago, there were millions of these majestic and intelligent creatures […]

Boundary Waters Canoe and Wilderness Area (Photo: Greg Gjerdingen)

Minnesota’s Boundary Waters: Ancient woods, timber wolves, waters… and mining pollution?

Speak out to protect Minnesota’s beloved Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness from toxic mining pollution.   The Threat to the Boundary Waters Even in a state known for its beautiful lakes and waters, people know that Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is something special. The waters are near-pristine. Old trees loom in the area. Timber wolves, deer and bears make their home in […]

Owl (Kimberly Collingwood, Unsplash)

Social Shares for the Environment: Week of August 10, 2018

Each week, we highlight key stories from the week, and present them as social shares. Share any or all of these posts to mobilize your friends and family to join you in the campaign to safeguard our clean air and water, wildlife, wild places and environment. Facebook Social Shares Twitter Social Shares Dicamba drifts — and its destruction of non-targeted plants is a […]

Environmental Action at Work: Protecting our coasts. Photo: IrinaK/Shutterstock

Take action in your town today to stop polystyrene plastic waste!

Our oceans are choked with plastic, and the animals that live there are suffering for it. Download and print several copies of this letter, and then take them to businesses near you to encourage local businesses to stop using polystyrene.       Last month, a whale died in Thailand after swallowing 17 pounds of plastic. In April, a dead sperm whale washed ashore […]

Tractor (Photo: PXHere)

A tidal wave of dangerous, destructive dicamba

In 2017, Monsanto’s herbicide dicamba cut a path of destruction across millions of acres of farmland and habitat for monarch butterflies and other pollinators. Researchers expect that twice as much will be sprayed in 2018.1,2   Dicamba Risks Biodiversity Dicamba harms or kills any plant not specifically treated to resist it. But the problem is, the herbicide doesn’t stay where it’s sprayed. The […]

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