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Wolf pups

We can’t let wolves vanish forever

Before the Endangered Species Act, the gray wolf was hunted, trapped and poisoned almost to extinction in the continental U.S. Now the animal may lose the law’s protection. The Associated Press reported in June that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is considering lifting Endangered Species Act protections for the species. Without the law’s protection, nothing would stand between these incredible […]

Bristol Bay, Alaska

Protect Bristol Bay

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers wants to build a large gold and copper mine in the pristine Bristol Bay region of Alaska—home to the largest sockeye salmon fishery in the world. The proposed Pebble Mine project would include a dirty open-pit mine, a 188-mile natural gas pipeline, roads for a transportation corridor—including 18 miles crossing a lake—and a port facility. In […]

African elephant

Elephants are worth saving

In March, the Trump administration threatened the future of African elephants by reversing the ban on elephant hunt trophies—even after President Trump himself tweeted that he thought it was a “horror show.” Unless we reverse current trends, African elephants are in danger of extinction. While just a few decades ago, there were millions of these creatures walking the planet, now there […]


Our oceans have a foam problem

From coffee cups to fast food containers, polystyrene foam—what most of us call Styrofoam—is used every day all across the country. And it ends up in our rivers, lakes and oceans, endangering wildlife and polluting our water. Polystyrene foam is one of the worst forms of plastic pollution because it never fully degrades. Every single bit of polystyrene foam ever made is still […]

Climate change and vehicle emissions are closely linked.

Demand Cleaner Cars to Help Address Climate Change

Summer 2018 may be over, but it brought home a powerful lesson. The climate crisis has arrived, and it’s ugly. Cleaner cars can help head off the worst-case climate crisis scenarios. But will Americans speak out for reduced carbon emissions and improved fuel efficiency?   We Need Cleaner Cars. This summer saw scorching temperatures.1 We witnessed frequent extreme weather events and massive wildfires.2,3 And toxic algae […]

Two women look out on a vast Idaho forest (Photo: V. Nordli-Mathisen, Unsplash)

Share This! Enviro-Stories for Friends

These enviro-stories are some of the most urgent and compelling news about nature and the environment from the week. Pass these stories on to friends and family. When you do, you’ll help build grassroots inspiration to convince more people to help protect our clean air and water, wildlife, special wild places and a connection to nature that helps make life a […]

Monarch butterfly (Photo: Erin Wilson, Unsplash)

The monarch butterfly has a treacherous journey

At Environment Action, we think monarch butterflies rule. They’re an important pollinator, but that’s not all. Will you help save these beloved butterflies?   These tiny, beloved butterflies are a cheerful reminder of the beauty of our natural world. And — unfortunately — our monarchs are becoming more scarce. Today, you can help us protect the habitat they need to survive their […]

African Elephants (Photo: Pixabay)

Real quick… can you sign this elephant petition?

Add your name to Environmental Action’s new elephant petition and urge Congress to pass lifesaving legislation for these beloved animals.   Africa’s elephants are dying. And at least one president on the continent says that President Donald Trump’s administration may be driving up the demand for elephant and lion hunting trophies in the United States.1    The Threat to Elephants Africa’s elephants once numbered in […]

Tongass National Forest (Credit: Alan Wu via Flickr BY 2.0)

Let’s keep the Tongass National Forest wild

The Roadless Area Conservation Rule protects seventeen million acres in the Tongass National Forest — our largest national forest — from commercial logging and other destructive development.  We need your help to save it. People-Powered Protections for Our Largest National Forest People power won Roadless Rule protections for the Tongass 17 years ago.  1.6 million of us stood up then and told […]

A concrete pipe below this coal ash impoundment failed, releasing coal ash and ash pond water into the Dan River. (Credit: USFWS/Steven Alexander)

PLEASE ACT: Coal ash pollution is toxic

Coal ash pollution is dangerous and gross. This waste — stored above ground and near water — contains arsenic, lead, mercury and other toxic chemicals that can poison people, water, and wildlife. Many of the substances even cause cancer.1     Coal Ash Pollution and Hurricanes Last week, flood waters in South Carolina associated with Hurricane Florence threatened to wash this toxic coal ash […]

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