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Tell Congress: Protect the Grand Canyon. Oppose the Biggs bill.

Stand near the rim of the Grand Canyon and the expanse of ancient red rock seems to go on forever. Yet beyond the horizon, something menacing lies in wait: nearby toxic uranium mining.    Mining is threatening one of America’s most iconic natural wonders. Mining already poses a danger to one of America’s most iconic natural wonders, and mining companies have asked to […]

The fate of the monarchs is up to us

The fate of this butterfly is in our hands.    Monarch butterfly populations are collapsing. Monarch butterfly populations are collapsing.1 To keep these beloved pollinators from perishing, we must expand their protections, restore their habitat, and stop spraying pesticides that kill them. We’ve set a goal of raising $15,000 for the end of our fiscal year so we can do what must be done […]

Tell this giant hardware chain: Stop selling Roundup

Glyphosate — the main ingredient in the popular pesticide Roundup — is devastating monarch butterflies.1    Roundup is wiping out the milkweed that monarch butterfly caterpillars need. Roundup is ubiquitous. Every year, millions and millions of pounds of it are sprayed across the country.2 And all of that Roundup is wiping out the milkweed that monarch butterfly caterpillars rely on for food. Monarch butterflies need […]

Add your name to protect the Yellowstone of the Atlantic

Cashes Ledge is an underwater wonderland, sometimes called the Yellowstone of the Atlantic.    Fishing, pollution, and more are putting Cashes Ledge at risk. Off the coast of New England, the ocean ecosystem is home to a diversity of wildlife and a vast underwater mountain range. This wild and special place is also an important wintering ground for the Atlantic Puffin. But Cashes Ledge […]

Tell Idaho’s governor: End the wolf hunts

Idaho’s state government has decided to slaughter most of the wolves living in the state.    Hundreds of wolves could be killed. They’ve set a goal of knocking the population down from 1300 to just 500, and they want to do it in just six years.1 That will mean dramatically expanding wolf hunting and trapping across the state. This is an emergency for Idaho […]

Tell these retailers to stop selling cruel wolf traps

When it comes to wolf traps, even the best outcome isn’t pretty.    Wolf traps are cruel, indiscriminate, and unnecessary. The trap snares the wolf’s neck, starving its brain of blood. Many wolves fare even worse. The trap snares the wolf’s limb or snout, leaving it in agony until a hunter arrives to finish the job. Sometimes, the wolf’s wait may be hours. Sometimes, […]

Tell the EPA: Crack down on mercury pollution

Did you know that coal-powered power plants are the largest man-made source of mercury pollution?1    Mercury is toxic to the human brain. Mercury is toxic to the human brain and central nervous system, especially for children. Fortunately, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed rules to tighten emissions limits from fossil-fueled power plants. If enacted, the new standard will eliminate up to 70% […]

Monarch butterflies are endangered and need protections

Monarch butterflies, known for their spectacular annual migration, are fluttering in fewer numbers.    Monarch butterflies are dying. That’s according to a recent report, which has found a sharp decline in the number of migrating monarchs. The presence of monarch butterflies in Mexican forests, where they hibernate each winter, has decreased 22% in just a single year.1 This research is simply the latest reinforcing […]

Tell Home Depot: Protect the Boreal Forest

Industries are chopping away the North American boreal forest, logging another 1 million acres every year.1    1 million acres of forest are chopped down by industry each year. That’s a big reason why, nine months ago, Home Depot shareholders told their company to do more to eliminate deforestation in its supply chain.2 We’re still waiting for Home Depot to publicly act. And so […]

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