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Tell Gov. Inslee: Stop killing endangered wolves

We’re heartbroken: Washington state officials shot and killed an endangered wolf this September.1     Washington’s wolves are in danger. From a helicopter, they aimed their guns at a gray wolf pup and fired. This deadly incident is another example of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife prioritizing cattle over the endangered species they’re sworn to safeguard. Governor Jay Inslee should direct his agencies to […]

Monarch butterfly (Photo: Wikimedia user Rhododendrites CC 4.0)

Monarch butterflies are endangered, but still not protected. Let’s change that.

Scientists from the International Union for Conservation of Nature recently downgraded the monarch butterfly’s status to endangered — their populations had plummeted by more than 95% and, despite an uptick in recent counts, their numbers remain precarious today.1       Monarch butterflies could disappear from our skies for good. Despite these grim numbers, the United States still hasn’t issued protections for these butterflies. If […]

Take Action: Help save the red wolf

Wild red wolves are living on a knife’s edge between survival and extinction. As few as 15 of these incredible animals now roam their ancestral habitat in the forests of North Carolina.1       We have a chance to speak up for red wolves right now. With so few remaining, the wolves are in serious danger of being picked off one by one until […]

Deadline May 16: Add your voice for Mexican gray wolf conservation

Fewer than 200 lobos are left in the wilderness of the American Southwest — so we can’t miss this chance to protect them.1       Now is our chance to win strong protection for Mexican gray wolves. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is in the process of revising its management plan for the Mexican gray wolf right now, and the agency is […]

Five small things you can do to help bees this spring

Spring is here — and that means life is blooming once again.     Pollinators need our protection. As temperatures warm, flowers are poking up from the thawed ground, and bees are stirring to pollinate them. But between pesticides and global warming, our best pollinators are still in trouble. We’ve put together a list of some small things you can do to help our bees […]

We need your help to protect America’s wolves

This Earth Day, will you help us protect America’s wolves?.       We’ve made a lot of progress on wolf conservation, but we’re not done yet. Wolves have seen a lot of progress since the last Earth Day. A Wisconsin judge blocked the state’s fall wolf hunt, and now we have the most lobos in the wild since the 1970s.1,2 Most importantly, Endangered Species Act […]

Tell Interior Secretary Haaland: Our wolves are running out of time

Last spring, an estimated 1,500 wolves lived in Idaho. By the year’s end, a full third of those wolves had been killed.1       This is an emergency for wolves. Extreme wolf hunting legislation in Idaho, along with neighboring Montana and Wyoming, will allow wolf killing to continue with virtually no limits. If this isn’t an emergency for our wolves, then what is? We need […]

Tell Congress: Protect our national parks

It’s not enough to say “Leave No Trace” — we need to take action to protect our parks from single-use plastics.       Plastic pollution is piling up in national parks. While hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains, standing under the giant trees of Sequoia National Park, or climbing the red rocks of Arches and Canyonlands, the last thing you want to see is […]

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