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Red Wolf, captive (Photo: Matthew Zalewski via Flickr CC BY 4.0)

This could make a big difference for red wolf conservation

In 2019, not a single red wolf pup was born in the wild — a first since the reintroduction program began decades ago.1     Red wolves are on the brink of extinction in the wild. With no new pups, red wolves’ future is far from certain. And with just 14 or fewer remaining, it’s clear that red wolves need all the allies they […]

North Atlantic Right Whale and Calf (Photo: NOAA)

Tell your senators: Vote to rescue right whales

The North Atlantic right whale’s small, battered population declined at 10 times the sustainable rate last year.1,2 But November brought a glimmer of hope.1     The SAVE Right Whales Act will boost whale recovery. The U.S. Senate is preparing to vote on the SAVE Right Whales Act — meaning that recovery efforts could soon get a desperately-needed boost. That would be great news for […]

Offshore Drilling Dangers: The 2010 Deepwater Offshore Oil Disaster (Photo: US Coast Guard)

Stop the next Deepwater Horizon-sized oil spill

People make mistakes; machines fail. So when our oceans are drilled for oil, catastrophes like Deepwater Horizon are just accidents waiting to happen.     Offshore drilling is just too risky. It took just one accident for over 3 million barrels of oil to start flowing into the Gulf of Mexico, smothering and killing untold numbers of innocent creatures and transforming hundreds of square […]

Keep Nestlé from draining this Florida spring

Ginnie Springs — a natural spring that’s home to more than 15 species of turtles — is under threat. Nestlé is trying to pump up to 1.1 million gallons of water a day from the Florida spring.1     Ginnie Springs is a beautiful oasis. With its crystal blue waters and canopy of cypress trees, Ginnie Springs is a hidden oasis. Located in northwestern […]

Bald eagle (Photo: pixabay)

A bill to save the Endangered Species Act

Last year, President Trump gutted the Endangered Species Act (ESA) — increasing the chances of thousands of species going extinct.1     The Endangered Species Act is vital. For more than 40 years, the ESA has been the nation’s bedrock conservation law — and Environmental Action is working to ensure it can continue to defend vulnerable wildlife for generations to come. We delivered more than […]

Baby wolves in the forest.

We can’t let wolves be hunted to extinction

It’s been a hard year for gray wolves — and the coming year will be even more pivotal to their survival.     Wolves have a big year ahead. This past spring, the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) announced its intent to remove wolves from the list of species protected by the Endangered Species Act (ESA).1 Throughout the summer, we rallied nature lovers across […]

Protect Gray Wolves

Stop Wyoming’s Wolf Hunt

It’s hunting season in Wyoming, and wolves are dying by the dozen.     Wyoming’s wolf hunt is deadly. Twenty-six wolves have already been shot dead on Yellowstone’s doorstep during this year’s hunting season, and it’s not over yet.1 In 2017, Wyoming set a goal of slashing its wolf population in half — bringing it down to just 160.2 Every subsequent hunting season brings […]

Environmental Action Impact: Bears Ears National Monument (Photo: BLM)

Don’t let Bears Ears and Grand Staircase be mined

Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments’ millions of square acres of red rock formations, twisting canyons and pristine desert wilderness were once protected land. Now, these special places could be torn apart to mine and drill for minerals and gas.1     Drilling in Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante? That’s the Trump administration’s new plan for wide swathes of one of the most […]

Southern Resident orcas will starve unless we can save their food supply

We know how to save the 73 remaining Southern Resident orcas. But if we don’t act soon, all we’ll have to leave to our grandchildren of these awesome animals will be pictures and stories.1     The Southern Residents are starving. For millennia, these powerful, intelligent creatures have hunted and raised their calves in the cold waters of the Salish Sea. But by building […]

Plastic bottles

Tell Snapple: Ditch the new plastic bottles

There’s nothing “all natural” about plastic bottles. What in the world is Snapple thinking?      There’s nothing “all natural” about plastic bottles. First, the company that has long prided itself on being “all natural” recently switched from glass bottles to plastic. Then they brag about it. Yes, right on the label, near their patented “Made from the BEST stuff on Earth” logo, are the […]

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