Wildlife corridors are for wildlife, not oil and gas

Wildlife corridors are for wildlife, not oil and gas

By Rich Hannigan, board member

Wildlife corridors are for wildlife. The word “wildlife” is, after all, right there in the name.

But that hasn’t stopped the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) from leasing land in wildlife corridors to oil
and gas companies, according to a report released in April. In fact, about one-quarter of all land leased by the BLM for fossil fuel extraction since 2017 has been within wildlife corridors or priority conservation areas.

We shouldn’t be trading the health of our nation’s wild places for more oil and gas—especially with the Earth warming faster. Drilling harms habitats for the sake of fossil fuels that drive the climate crisis. It’s a senseless waste at a time when renewable energy is becoming more plentiful and accessible than ever.

More than 14,000 Environmental Action supporters have raised their voices to oppose oil and gas leasing by the BLM in wildlife corridors and priority conservation areas.

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