Women lead the way at #COP21 Climate talks

Women lead the way at #COP21 Climate talks

We’re celebrating Women today at the #COP21 climate conference, so Anthony sat down with one of the leaders of Via La Campesina. They’re an amzing, trans-national group of rural women from central and South America fighting the joined battles of colonialism, economic development and climate change.

One of the things that makes their movement unique is that it’s all by and for rural women. They’re famous for reclaiming the phrase ‘peasant’ which they interpret positively to mean that they are the people of and for the land.

As our guest explains, women are central to this fight and to our global struggle to stop climate change. In fact, some of the most exciting solutions are being developed right now by women in the global south from low-carbon cooking methods to energy democracies where the power is (literally and figuratively) controlled by the people.

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Extended part 1 video coming soon.