Wishing Exxon, API and Big Oil A Crude Christmas

Wishing Exxon, API and Big Oil A Crude Christmas

Dear ExxonMobil Corporation:

Thanks to the amazing reporting of InsideClimate News, we know that you were not alone in one of the biggest cover-up scandals in human history. For almost 40 years, others in the ‪#‎BigOil‬ Syndicate were also aware that the burning and extraction of your products are a big contributor to climate change.

Instead of sharing this knowledge with the world, you chose money and power. In the process you deprived people of their lives and livelihoods. You funded a campaign of denial to confuse, hoodwink and obfuscate the people. You’re surreptitious, but you are not as slick as your products. We are on to you.

You may have more money than us, you may have more lobbyists and you may have more politicians in your pocket. But we have something more powerful: we have the truth.

You have tainted our communities, especially those on the front lines of extreme energy extraction. You have tainted our air, water, health, climate and even our government with your poisonous products and money. But this will soon pass.

With climate justice as our moral compass, a growing intergenerational coalition of activists will vanquish your influence and dispatch the very existence of your crude products to the annals of history.

We will use our collective voices, passion, talents and even our bodies to divest and disrupt your operations. We will educate our youth, students, parents and even our politicians. We will create a fossil-free future and we will win.

Nothing you have done and nothing you are doing is Merry or Happy. So enjoy this Crude Christmas and be on the lookout for us in 2016 in the streets, the tar sands, the oceans and rivers and anywhere we can stop you.

For our families, friends and loved ones, for our planet, and for our future,