Why Alaska?

Why Alaska?

We’re going all-in to Keep Alaska Wild because, right now, choices made in Washington could be devastating for wildlife and wild places in Alaska and around the planet. But we can’t protect them without your help.


Caribou via Unsplash, Tongass National Forest (USDA), Polar Bear (Robynm on Pixabay)

Wild Alaska

Alaska has been described as America’s last frontier, but that doesn’t tell the full story. The state includes some of America’s wildest and most beautiful places. Here, unspoiled lands are home to polar bears, arctic foxes and other rare and irreplaceable wildlife.

But Alaska is also a place where we are facing some of our greatest environmental challenges — and work we do there has massive benefits for nature lovers around the world.

The global climate crisis is on full display in the state as temperatures rise and sea ice melts.1 Alaska’s polar bears — incredibly strong swimmers — are literally drowning in their increasingly difficult search for food.2

But so far, that hasn’t stopped proposals for new drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, important onshore denning habitat for imperiled polar bears.

And it hasn’t stopped some special interests from trying to expand commercial logging in the Tongass National Forest in Alaska.

How You Can Help

These issues are coming to a head this summer in Alaska — and we need to be ready to respond. Please donate now to help us raise $15,000 by midnight June 30, when our fiscal year ends.

With your help, we’ll have the resources we need to protect the Arctic Refuge from drilling, safeguard the mighty Tongass forest and tackle the toughest environmental issues in the state. And of course we’re still working to protect wildlife and wild places across the planet.

Many of us will never visit Alaska — folks can’t or don’t make it that far north. But protecting these special places from destructive developments makes a difference no matter where you live. Wilderness is a treasure for all of humanity.

These are environmentally important lands that belong to all of us. Your donation today will help Environmental Action protect them for future generations.

We must not accept a world where irreplaceable wildlife and wild places are lost to short-sighted industrialization and misguided exploitation of our public lands. Our children and grandchildren deserve to live in a world where polar bears, massive forests and places of raw natural beauty can still abide in peace.

This world is possible, but we have to come together to protect our special places. Please donate now to support Environmental Action’s work to protect Alaska and beyond.

With thanks for your support,

Marcia Eldridge
Environmental Action Board of Directors


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