WE Built That

WE Built That


It’s usually quite hard to render me speechless, to leave me in a state where I am of few words. Yet I have only one word to describe what I experienced yesterday…WOW!!!

When I interviewed Caroline Murray, Lead Organizer for the People’s Climate March, this past Thursday (Please check our website/Facebook page for extended footage of the interview soon), she indicated how happy she would be with an attendance of 100-150,000 marchers. How wrong she was; how wrong we all were as an estimated 400,000 marchers descended on New York City from all over the country and all over the world to raise awareness about climate change and demand leaders like President Obama take real action to solve the climate crisis.

The success of the March was a the result of many factors that included a diversity of people, and the way those diverse stories demonstrated the many impacts of climate change. One of the highlights for me was that the march was led by organizations and community groups who represent citizens and communities on the frontlines of climate induced impacts. As my friend Elizabeth Yeampierre of Uprose Brooklyn remarked, “These communities that are underrepresented, under sourced, who experience the impacts of climate change disproportionately, are taking the lead in developing solutions from the ground up. We need to pay more attention to these communities and include them in the discussion and the process.”

Additionally, I think it is very important to point out that THERE WERE NO INCIDENTS WITH THE POLICE; 400,000 marchers took part in a peaceful protest and, as an officer of the NYPD remarked to me at the conclusion of the march, the fact that everything was peaceful and largely incident free is something to be very proud of.

Thank you to all who participated during the march, before the march and all in between. I would also like to especially thank all of you who donated funds to help bus people from all over the country to New York City. Your efforts helped us make history…and if you still have any doubts, check out the video above and the front page of the New York Times and other major news websites. We could not have pulled this off with you…so again, thank you and congratulations on showing the world what (Environmental) Action looks like.