UPDATE: Red wolves surviving the storm

UPDATE: Red wolves surviving the storm

The last 35 wild red wolves were almost directly in the path of Hurricane Florence’s landfall.

Captive red wolf (Photo: John Froschauer via Flickr, CC 2.0 Licence)

Red Wolves After Florence

Because so many of you were so passionate in your response to our campaign to protect these amazing animals, we wanted to reach out to you with everything we’ve been able to find about how the intrepid canines are doing.

We spoke with the Fish and Wildlife Service this week, to check on the wild red wolves of Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge. Their Red Wolf Regional Recovery Lead reported that, according to their field team, the refuge experienced less flooding and damage than expected — especially compared to some other areas of North Carolina. The professionals responsible for red wolf management do not believe the wild Alligator River wolves have experienced any hurricane-related mortality.

Several captive red wolves were also in the path of Hurricane Florence. Good news, though: The Fish and Wildlife Service relocated the seven captive wolves in the path of the storm to higher ground before human staff evacuated.1

We wish all the best to the human and animal residents of southeastern states affected by this historic storm as recovery continues. Thank you for helping to ensure continued protection for these beautiful creatures.

1. “Dramatic shift in hurricane’s path,” U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, September 12, 2018.