Update: Fight for your right to frack?

Update: Fight for your right to frack?

When I heard the governor of Colorado — a Democrat — was threatening to sue over fracking, my hope was that he was suing to prevent it, or hold those who do it accountable to environmental laws.

But I was wrong.

John Hickenlooper is threatening to sue Colorado towns like Longmont, whose ban we were proud to help out on, for doing the right thing.


Because it might infringe on the rights of frackers, since “you can’t harvest the mineral rights without doing hydraulic fracturing."

Well John Hickenlooper, I don't live in Colorado. But I do live in Pennsylvania, a state with tons of unregulated fracking, and I am fortunate to live in a watershed where it is banned. And not even the shysters who frack in Pennsylvania have suggested suing Philadelphia for protecting our own water.

A governor's job is to keep in mind the rights of all Colorodans. And I suggest the "water drinking rights," "eating rights," and "breathing rights" are a bit more important than someone's ability to buy up the natural gas beneath our feet. If you can't get at the gas without fracking, maybe that's a sign you need to leave it where it is.

Update: Add Fort Collins, CO to the list of towns fighting for their fright to NOT frack!

Click here to post a message on John Hickenlooper's Facebook page telling him to back off and let fracktivists fight for thier rights to clean air and water. Then, click here to sign your support for a national ban on fracking so governors who want to frack like Hickenlooper don't get thier way.