The Arctic needs your voice: Call today

The Arctic needs your voice: Call today

Oil drilling doesn’t belong in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge — and there’s something you can do right now to help save this irreplaceable wilderness. 


The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is at risk.

We urgently need your help to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from a last-minute attempt at drilling.

The refuge is one of the last remaining pristine wildernesses in our country. Endangered polar bears make their dens on the coastal plain, and thundering herds of caribou migrate there each year. Drilling would put all of this at risk, destroying habitat in exchange for more fossil fuel that threatens our climate.

Senator Lisa Murkowski has introduced pro-drilling amendments to a must-pass spending bill, putting the Arctic Refuge at terrible risk. We need as many voices as possible to speak up for the Arctic, because they could vote on these amendments as soon as tonight.

How to call your senators to protect the Arctic:

Giving a call to your senators is a great way to get their attention on this important issue. It’s easy, and only takes a couple of minutes.

First, use the link below to find your senators’ contact information. Use the drop-down menu on this page to select your state, and your senators’ names and contact details will appear.

Find My Senators’ Contact Info

Then, pick up the phone and call. Use this script as a guide if you’re not sure what to say:

  1. Start by introducing yourself: “Hi, my name is (NAME). I’m a constituent of (SENATOR’S NAME) from (YOUR TOWN).”
  2. Clearly state why you are calling: “I’m calling to ask (SENATOR’S NAME) to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from drilling by voting no on Amendments 3137, 3788, 3789, and 3790”
  3. Tell them a little more about why: “The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is an irreplaceable wilderness. It’s home to denning polar bears, migrating caribou, and birds from 6 continents. Opening up the Arctic to drilling could destroy the place all these precious animals call home — just for a little more climate-changing oil that we don’t need.”