Seismic Testing Could Kill 138,000 Marine Animals

Seismic Testing Could Kill 138,000 Marine Animals

The Interior Department is right now considering the use of seismic testing to find offshore drilling sites in the Atlantic ocean — a move that threatens ocean wildlife and could pave the way for more reckless fossil fuel extraction.1

Expanded seismic testing would be a disaster for marine wildlife.

The government’s own estimates show that seismic airgun blasting in the Atlantic could injure as many as 138,000 marine mammals like dolphins and whales, while disturbing the vital activities of tens of millions more.2

How you can help

The White House’s plan to expand offshore drilling is a backwards-looking proposal that could spell disaster for thousands of our most beloved and imperiled animals — to say nothing of the economic and environmental costs of a spill, or the reckless expansion of fossil fuel development and the associated impacts on our climate.

Your support will help us stay on top of moves by the Trump administration, and allow us to organize people to push back against them. While the future of offshore drilling is still uncertain, the Interior Department’s plan for seismic testing is an urgent threat facing our oceans right now.

So we’re standing up for ocean wildlife, raising awareness of this threat to our coasts and planet online and in the media, mobilizing people like you to take action and send a clear message to our decision-makers that Americans across the country want protections for our coasts.

Environmental Action’s work to protect our oceans represents the passion of millions of Americans who want protections for beloved ocean wildlife, our beaches and coastal economies, and the only planet we can call home. Will you help?

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