Scott Pruitt is gone. Now help us turn the EPA around.

Scott Pruitt is gone. Now help us turn the EPA around.

Late on the afternoon of July 5, 2018, something truly remarkable happened: Scott Pruitt just resigned as Administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency. This could be the turning of the tide for environmental protection. Please help us turn the EPA around!

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Pruitt’s resignation marks the end of what may have been the single most regressive tenure of any EPA Administrator in the agency’s history — and an important opportunity to turn the EPA around.

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Good Riddance to Scott Pruitt’s Tenure as EPA Head

Under Pruitt, the Trump administration has sought dramatic rollbacks of basic environmental protections even as federal actions to hold criminal polluters accountable fell under his watch.1,2

At Environmental Action, we are are not sad to see Scott Pruitt go. But we’ve always known that simply removing Scott Pruitt wouldn’t be enough to get the EPA back on track.

It’s Time for an EPA Turnaround

Scott Pruitt may be gone, but his policies aren’t. And powerful political appointees remain at the agency who are committed to President Trump’s dangerous disregard for the environment.3

Your donation today will help us stop the next EPA administrator — former coal lobbyist and current deputy administrator at the EPA, Andrew Wheeler — from compromising our environment. And you’ll help us grow our transpartisan movement for nature.

The EPA is at a crossroads. Environmental protection in this country may well be shaped by how we respond in the very near future.

Your support for our efforts will help us work to turn the EPA around. Only with your help can get this historically vital watchdog back on track protecting our air, water, wildlife and wild places.

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