#OurWater. Your pictures.

#OurWater. Your pictures.

It’s #OurWater, and we need it clean. Check out Environmental Action’s new ad in support of cleaner water for 117 million Americans…

Our New #OurWater Ad

Today Environmental Action launches a new effort in our campaign to save the Clean Water Rule and protect drinking water for 117 million people. But we couldn’t have done it without the support of passionate people like you.

Our team needed help telling the story of why keeping #OurWater clean is so important. And — from Nebraska to California, New England, Florida, Minnesota and points inbetween — our community stepped up in a big way with personal photos and stories.

The result: a Facebook ad chock-full of the amazing swimming holes and fishing spots, wildlife, cute kids, and pets that that the Clean Water Rule would protect. And thanks to the contributions of some of our most generous donors, we will be showing these ads to the constituents of key members of the US House of Representatives and Senate.

By spurring calls to lawmakers — who can have unique influence on the executive branch — we’ll build support for clean water protections. And, together, we can spur enough opposition on Capitol Hill to convince the president to drop his proposed clean water rollback.

#OurWater is at risk.

Earlier this year, Trump administration’s announced its plan to roll back the Obama-era Clean Water Rule. [1] The Obama-era rule was carefully-negotiated for years to clarify which bodies of water are protected from pollution under federal law. It would improve drinking water quality for 117 million people — or, roughly one in three Americans. 2

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Kids, pets, wildlife — we all need clean water to survive. That’s why Environmental Action launched the #OurWater campaign to save the Clean Water Rule — and its important benefits for our health and environment.

To date, more than 14,000 people have signed on to our official petition opposing the proposed clean water protections rollback. But if we are going to improve drinking water for tens of millions of Americans, we will need to do even more to mobilize opposition to the proposal before the administration’s September 27 deadline for public comments. [3]

How Your Can Help

The more people we can reach, the greater our chances of success. Please your friends, family and neighbors to take action for cleaner water by sharing either (or both) of these posts on social media.

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Your contribution will help us expand our ad buy to reach more people and support our ongoing efforts to safeguard the clean air and water, wildlife, and wild places that help make our country so special.

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You can help reach as many as 14,000 more people with our call to action for clean water with your one-time donation of $25.


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