Founded on Earth Day, Action Today

Founded on Earth Day, Action Today

At Environmental Action, we’ve always had a special relationship with Earth Day. We were founded on the very first Earth Day in 1970. And our work at the forefront of some of America’s most significant — and successful — efforts to protect the environment is built upon that legacy.

Today we need your support to protect some of America’s most beloved butterflies and other treasures of the natural world. And we need your voices to build an even larger and more effective movement for our environment.

Take Action for the Environment

Earth Day 2018

Unfortunately, it’s hard to celebrate with so many threats to wildlife, public lands and clean air and water.

Right now, species like monarch butterflies, wolves of the American Southwest and North Atlantic right whales are all on the brink of extinction.

The Trump administration is seeking a massive, dangerous expansion in the exploitation of our public lands and oceans by oil and gas,mining, timber and other interests — even as it works to roll back bedrock environmental protections across the country.

The good news is that we can and will keep advancing toward a cleaner greener future with your help.

Monarch Butterfly (Photo: Wikipedia)

The world’s remaining monarchs would fit into a little over four football fields. | Monarch Butterfly (Photo: Wikipedia)

Help Save Monarch Butterflies from Extinction

This Earth Day, we’re going all out to save monarch butterflies from extinction. We’re mobilizing people across the country to speak out. And we’re sounding the alarm to save vital habitat for these beloved butterflies.

Can you support these and other important efforts for the environment?

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Spread the Word for Earth Day

Turn the spotlight on the issues that matter most to you. Just pick your Earth Day issue or animal and share its image on Facebook. You’ll raise awareness about some of the most pressing environmental issues we face. And you’ll help grow the movement for nature by encouraging your friends to act.

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Choose an issue (or issues), and then share its post. You’ll raise awareness for Earth Day and mobilize action for a cleaner, greener world.

Wildlife-Focused Campaigns

Not everyone has a voice. Earth Day is Sunday — who will you speak for?