#OurWater is at risk. Your photo can help.

#OurWater is at risk. Your photo can help.

The Trump administration is working to reverse the Clean Water Rule, which would protect the drinking water of millions. You can help stop them.

The Clean Water Rule would help protect forest streams like this (Photo: Nathan Anderson, Unsplash)

I’ll admit it. I’ve taken an embarrassing selfie or two in my day. Chances are, you may have too.

But there’s one selfie I definitely don’t mind sharing — the picture I took this week as part of Environmental Action’s new #OurWater campaign to safeguard clean water protections for millions.

Right now, the Trump administration is seeking to reverse the Obama-era Clean Water Rule. It’s a rule that would improve clean water protections for 119 million Americans. 1

That’s why Environmental Action and people who care about our health and environment across the country this week began snapping pictures, digging through photo albums, and finding creative ways to show the importance of #OurWater through their photos.

The Clean Water Rule: What’s at Stake

The Clean Water Rule was proposed by the Obama administration in 2015 in order to clarify which bodies of water are federally protected from pollution. The rule would expand federal protections — especially for streams and wetlands — for roughly one third of the US population. 2

But this isn’t just about our drinking water. These bodies of water are a source of joy for millions of recreationists and provide vital habitat for wildlife.

How You Can Help

We’re putting together a new digital ad to convince our US senators and members of congress to speak out for clean water and help stop the rollback of the Clean Water Rule — and we need your photos!

We’ve already received photos from clean water loving people across the US, but we are going to need plenty of pictures to produce the sort of ad that will make Congress sit up and take notice. Can you submit a photo too?

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It’s easy to help. Just grab the nearest camera or camera phone and snap a picture of:

  • Someone drinking a glass of cool, clean drinking water;
  • A forest stream;
  • Fun in the sun at the lake;
  • A favorite swimming hole or fishing spot; or
  • Any other image that shows how clean water affects you

Environmental Action will use the most compelling photos we receive in a new ad targeting key US senators and representatives who can stop the rollback of clean water protections. With your help, we’ll show our elected officials that real people care about clean water — and that we expect lawmakers to represent us in the nation’s capital.

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1 “What Exactly Is the Clean Water Rule?” Outside Magazine, June 28, 2017.

2 “EPA seeks to scrap rule protecting drinking water for third of Americans,” The Guardian, June 27, 2017.