Califracktivation: The Video

Califracktivation: The Video

Two weeks ago I had the honor of representing Environmental Action at the March for Real Climate Leadership in Oakland, California. It was an amazing event attended by over 8,000 fracktivists, dressed in yellow and blue, who had a simple, but powerful message for Governor Jerry Brown: End Fracking in California Now! It’s a timely message because Jerry Brown has made many bold promises about California’s energy and climate future. But Brown, and California, cannot be real climate leaders if he continues to allow fracking and does not shift California to rely on 100% clean energy like wind and solar power.

The best part of the march for me was meeting so many people from around the state who shared their stories with me. There were fracktivists from Richmond who are still fighting Big Oil corporations like Chevron from poisoning their communities. There were allies from Carson City, where fracktivists won a three year fight to shut down a proposed oil and gas facility in their community. And then there were the guests of honor from frontline nations like the Marshall Islands who led the march and sang traditional songs throughout.

I could go on and on, but the best way for you to get an idea of what I experienced is to see for yourself. Check out the video we compiled for you, and I’m sure you’ll agree that there was enough energy surrounding the march to power California for years to come. This is what grassroots organizing and fracktivation looks like. This is what people power looks like.

I would be remiss if I did not give a special shout out to all the Environmental Actioneers who helped us raise nearly $2,000 in one week to get fracktivists to Oakland. The organizers of the march were blown away by your generosity, and so was I. So let me say again to all of you who chipped in, “Thank You, Thank You, and Namaste” I appreciate you so much.

I think it’s safe to say that Jerry Brown got the message, and we intend to make him deliver on his promises.

Thank you for helping to fracktivate,

Anthony for Environmental Action

PS – As I said in the video, the march may be over but the action begins now. So if you can, please chip in to support the next round of fracktivation in California and beyond.