Beautiful monarch butterfly photos!

Beautiful monarch butterfly photos!

People across the country are taking steps to save North America’s imperiled monarch butterflies — and sharing gorgeous photos of how they’re making a difference.

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How you can help monarchs

Make Your Backyard Monarch-Friendly

Find out how planting native milkweed can provide crucial habitat for these beloved butterflies.

Help Monarchs in YOUR Backyard!

Take Action Online

Since their peak in the mid-90s, monarch populations have decreased by 90 percent, in part due to the widespread use of Roundup and other toxic pesticides.


Tell the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to ban Roundup, so we can save this incredible insect before it’s too late.

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Monarch Butterfly (Photo: Wikipedia)

The world’s remaining monarchs would fit into a little over four football fields. | Monarch Butterfly (Photo: Wikipedia)

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