What this win means for the Grand Canyon

Great news! President Biden designated a national monument covering nearly 1 million acres around the Grand Canyon.    No new uranium mining around the Grand Canyon. This designation is a huge victory for the Grand Canyon, the wildlife that call it home, and current and future generations. The national monument permanently bans new uranium mining claims from being established around the Grand Canyon.1 Uranium […]

Tell your senators: Don’t erase protections for endangered wolves

U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert’s bill to strip protections from gray wolves just got its first hearing.1 We have to stop it now.    Wolves all across the country are in danger. We remember all too well the last time the federal government weakened protections for the gray wolf. Where protections were lowered, hundreds of wolves were slaughtered. The Boebert bill would allow hunters and […]

Two incredible places. Two big wins.

Two of America’s wildest places are now more likely to stay that way, thanks to new actions by the Biden administration. First, the wolves, moose and other wildlife that live in Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness won’t be poisoned by an extremely toxic form of mining upstream for at least another 20 years (or, we hope, forever). And, the bald eagles, […]

Five small things you can do to help bees this spring

Spring is here — and that means life is blooming once again.     Pollinators need our protection. As temperatures warm, flowers are poking up from the thawed ground, and bees are stirring to pollinate them. But between pesticides and global warming, our best pollinators are still in trouble. We’ve put together a list of some small things you can do to help our bees […]

Monarch butterfly (Photo: Pixabay)

Your toolkit for saving monarchs at home

We can all act to save monarchs in our own homes and communities by planting native milkweed. Here are answers to Environmental Action supporters’ most frequently-asked questions! Each year, monarch populations are plummeting. Roughly 99% of western monarchs have disappeared — that’s millions of missing butterflies.1 We can all act to save monarchs in our own homes and communities by planting native […]

Environmental Action Impact: Gray Wolves

Did you know this about wolves?

Did you know this about wolves? Wolves are featured in countless fairy tales — often as a frightening villain. For some, the “big bad wolf” is the only frame of reference they have for what wolves are like. But what are wolves really like? It’s time to put the myths aside and get the facts on gray wolves. Myth: Wolves are dangerous to […]

Meet one of Yellowstone’s wolf packs

If we took a look inside a wolf pack, what would we see?     Wolf packs are cooperative families. Many expect to find a strict hierarchy — alpha wolves on top, omegas on the bottom. But the reality isn’t quite so straightforward. Packs aren’t gangs led by domineering alphas — in reality, they’re cooperative families.1 And the way these families form and operate can […]

Mexican Gray Wolf (Photo: USFWS)

What you need to know about wolf conservation

2021 was a hard year for wolves. Last October, the Trump administration yanked Endangered Species Act (ESA) protection away from every wolf in the Lower 48 states.1 This year, we faced the consequences: More hunting than we’ve seen in decades.  But hope isn’t lost for our magnificent gray wolves, their elusive red wolf cousins, or the unique lobos of the Southwest. Here’s […]

This could be our best chance to save the bees

Almost every delicious bite of fresh produce you had this summer was made possible by hardworking bees eagerly pollinating summer fields and gardens.       We depend on bees. We depend on bees for so much. But this year has seen massive losses in native and honey bee populations — some of the worst in decades — fueled in large part by neonicotinoid pesticides, […]

The Arctic needs your voice: Call today

Oil drilling doesn’t belong in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge — and there’s something you can do right now to help save this irreplaceable wilderness.    The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is at risk. We urgently need your help to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from a last-minute attempt at drilling. The refuge is one of the last remaining pristine wildernesses in our […]