Will you speak up for the future of gray wolves?

Will you speak up for the future of gray wolves?

The House of Representatives has voted to eliminate Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves in the lower 48 United States. Will you help save these iconic animals?


Take action for gray wolves (Photo: gray wolf, Wildfaces for pixabay)
Speak Out for Wolves


Wolves at Risk

History shows: when wolves are unprotected, too many of them die.

When Great Lakes wolves lost their federal protection in 2012, 1500 were killed before protection finally resumed. Right now, Wyoming is on the cusp of eliminating half of its wolf population.1,2

But a bill eliminating Endangered Species Act protection for every gray wolf in the lower 48 just passed the House.3 Now it’s our job to stop this legislation in the Senate, so that wolves don’t end up losing the protection they need to survive.

Wolves are natural treasures, bringing balance to the ecosystems they call home and captivating us with their beauty. Let’s make sure they’re around to enrich our world for generations to come.

How You Can Help

We’ve saved wolves before and we can do it again, but we need to raise our voices together.

Last spring over 25,000 of you signed a message to Congress in support of continued federal protection for wolves — an outcry too loud for them to ignore. We spoke out for wolves and won. That’s how we know we can save wolves this time, too.

Can you take just a moment to sign your name in support of wolves? 

Speak Out for Wolves

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