Whales are dying. We must do more.

Whales are dying. We must do more.

Awful news. Another North Atlantic right whale’s song has been silenced, intensifying concern about the future of this increasingly rare species. Can you help us save these whales?


right whale (photo: NOAA)

Donate to Save Whales and the Environment

The Threat to Right Whales

Officials reported the latest right whale death off the coast of Massachusetts in late August.1

This latest death follows a particularly deadly year for right whales in 2017.2 Researchers have seen fewer deaths in 2018 — perhaps due to emergency fishery closures.3 However, scientists also didn’t report any new right whale births in 2018’s aerial surveys.4

Fewer than 450 of these whales remain — and researchers say that North Atlantic right whales could be extinct in the wild by 2040.5 The fate of an entire species is at stake.

How You Can Help

Your donation today will help support our campaign to pass the SAVE Right Whales Act of 2018 and champion other ideas to help nature and the environment.

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker has introduced the SAVE Right Whales Act of 2018 to help stop right whale deaths with collaborative grants and incentives to help fishing operations to reduce whale injuries and death caused by fishing gear entanglements and ship strikes.6

We know that reducing fishing entanglements and ship speeds save whales. But we also know that we will need to reach plenty of people across the country to advance this common-sense legislation during the US senate’s busy fall session.

We’ve already convinced more than 14,000 people to contact their senators in support of the SAVE Right Whale Act, but we need your help to activate even more people to save these whales from extinction in the wild.

You can help save the future of right whales. Please donate whatever you can to help.


Donate to Save Whales and the Environment

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