We need your help to protect America’s wolves

We need your help to protect America’s wolves

This Earth Day, will you help us protect America’s wolves?.




We’ve made a lot of progress on wolf conservation, but we’re not done yet.

Wolves have seen a lot of progress since the last Earth Day. A Wisconsin judge blocked the state’s fall wolf hunt, and now we have the most lobos in the wild since the 1970s.1,2

Most importantly, Endangered Species Act protections were restored for most of our country’s gray wolves.3

We’ve made a lot of progress in the last year, but we know we’re not done yet.

Our most vulnerable wolves in the Northern Rockies still need our help. Radically expanded hunting and trapping in Idaho and Montana are a potentially devastating threat that we can’t allow to continue.

There’s a lot of work to build a world where wolves and other wildlife can thrive. We have until midnight tonight to raise $50,000 to power our campaign to save the wolves. Will you donate today?

Wolves are still at risk.

From state-sanctioned hunting to poaching to taxpayer-funded hunters from Wildlife Services, wolves face threats from many directions. Through powerful grassroots advocacy at the state and federal levels, Environmental Action is committed to eliminating these threats and protecting wolves across the country.

Since the Trump administration first erased Endangered Species Act protections for wolves, we’ve sent more than 300,000 messages to decision-makers urging them to protect all our gray wolves.

Poaching threatens our most vulnerable wolf population: the red wolf. These wolves have been on the brink of extinction for decades, and need our help now more than ever.4 That’s why we sent more than 10,000 messages to the Fish and Wildlife Service telling it to enact stronger anti-poaching measures to protect the few dozen red wolves left.

We’ve also called on the USDA to stop Wildlife Services from slaughtering wolves on public lands. In 2021, Wildlife Services intentionally killed 324 gray wolves. The government should be committed to protecting our wildlife, not eradicating it.5

Donate this Earth Day to help save the wolves.

Environmental Action is dedicated to protecting wolves across the country. We’ve made a lot of progress thanks to supporters like you, but the fight isn’t over yet, and we won’t stop until all our wolves are safe.

Today’s gifts will power tomorrow’s wins — but there are only a few hours left to give. With your help, this drive can build the resources we need to finally protect all our wolves. Help us protect America’s wolves by supporting our Earth Day Drive.


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