Together we can save wolves in 2021

Together we can save wolves in 2021

With just one day left in 2020, we’re pulling out all the stops to make sure we can save wolves in the year to come.



Wolves need our help.

Wolves are amazing animals — and they’ll need all the help we can give if they’re going to survive.

We’re trying to raise $25,000 by midnight so we can start the new year strong as we work to protect wolves and other wildlife that need our help. Will you help us get to the finish line?.

Together, we can make a difference.

Despite the challenges we faced in 2020, there’s so much we were able to accomplish thanks to the support of people like you:

You gave us the resources to organize tens of thousands of people to oppose cruel and reckless wolf hunting in three states — and to speak up against the Trump administration’s move to take away their Endangered Species Act protections with over 40,000 public comments. Your support also enabled us to stand up for bees and other pollinators, building a nationwide call to get bee-killing pesticides out of wildlife refuges.

Support our End of 2020 Drive.

We’re not expecting 2021 to be any easier. The number on the calendar might have changed, but the environmental challenges we face are still here:

  • With their federal protections gone, wolves are under threat like never before in states across the country. We need to rally wolf lovers to advocate against opening any new hunting seasons.
  • Bees, butterflies and other pollinators are dying off at unsustainable rates. We need to restore their habitats and stop using the pesticides that are killing them — before it’s too late.
  • Logging and clear-cutting are destroying our planet’s forests. We need to convince the companies responsible to adopt sustainable practices and keep wild places wild.

There’s a lot to do, but we’re up to the task. But as we start planning out our work for 2021, we need to know what we have to work with. We’ve determined that we need $25,000 in the bank to start the year strong, and that’s why our End of 2020 Drive is so important.

The deadline is tonight. Will you make a donation to help us reach $25,000?