Tell Whole Foods: Put our planet over plastic

Tell Whole Foods: Put our planet over plastic

Plastic pollution isn’t on anyone’s grocery list — but at most grocery stores, it’s unavoidable.


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Whole Foods scored an “F” for its efforts to address wasteful plastic packaging.

In a recent plastic waste report, Whole Foods received an “F” for its efforts to address wasteful plastic packaging.1

Plastic packaging is flooding landfills, polluting oceans and hurting marine life — but we have a chance to mitigate this waste by convincing Whole Foods to reduce its plastic footprint.

It’s time to tell Whole Foods to protect beaches and marine life from plastic pollution by ditching single-use plastic packaging in its stores.

Plastic waste is harming our wildlife and our oceans.

Our country creates a mind-boggling amount of plastic items that we just don’t need. The U.S. throws out enough plastic to fill a football stadium 1.5 times every day on average — and nearly half of this waste is from items we only use once.2

Once a portion of this plastic waste makes its way to the ocean, marine life confuse it for food. When a sea turtle swallows the plastic bits polluting its habitat, the plastic gets stuck in the turtle’s gut — and ingesting about 14 plastic pieces can kill the animal.3

But plastic pollution — and plastic-induced marine animal deaths — are preventable. We can prevent plastic pollution by asking companies like Whole Foods to stop using so much wasteful plastic packaging.

We can convince Whole Foods to protect the planet.

Environmental Action knows that we can convince Whole Foods to reduce its plastic footprint because the company has acted on plastic pollution before. In 2008, Whole Foods became the first grocer to eliminate plastic grocery bags.4 Now, we need the company to step up to reduce its plastic footprint.

We’re teaming up with our partner organizations, Environment America and U.S. PIRG, on this campaign — and we’re already making progress. Our petition is gaining public support, but we need even more voices to convince Whole Foods to ditch single-use plastics.

Adding your name to the petition will help us convince Whole Foods to stop using wasteful packaging.

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