Tell Snapple: Ditch the new plastic bottles

Tell Snapple: Ditch the new plastic bottles

There’s nothing “all natural” about plastic bottles. What in the world is Snapple thinking?

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There’s nothing “all natural” about plastic bottles.

First, the company that has long prided itself on being “all natural” recently switched from glass bottles to plastic.

Then they brag about it. Yes, right on the label, near their patented “Made from the BEST stuff on Earth” logo, are the words “PLASTIC BOTTLE!”

Snapple is apparently loud and proud about adding to our planet’s enormous plastic pollution problem.

Plastic harms wildlife and our environment.

Of course, plastic bottles showing up in the stomachs of dead whales isn’t a good look. So, Snapple’s website assures us their containers are “100 percent recyclable, just like our glass ones.”1

However, saying a plastic bottle is “recyclable” is like declaring the Miami Dolphins could win the Super Bowl. Sure, it’s possible, but don’t count on it.

We need Snapple to switch back to glass bottles.

In 2017, only 29% of plastic bottles were actually “recycled” — that is, turned into something useful.2 Much of the rest was dumped into landfills and the ocean, where it turns into dangerous fodder for whales, turtles, and, eventually, you and I.

And that rate is getting worse. Malaysia is just the latest developing country to turn back shipments of plastic waste, saying recently it would “not be a dumping ground to the world.”3

Good for Malaysia. And good-for-business for companies that use and sell truly recyclable containers.

That’s what makes Snapple’s decision to switch to plastic bottles so disappointing. It also makes it easier to imagine that, given some encouragement, it will return to its roots.

Let Snapple know that not only should their tea be made of the “best stuff on Earth,” so should their bottles — and single-use plastic doesn’t fit that bill.

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