Tell President Trump: Save Elephants and Lions

Tell President Trump: Save Elephants and Lions

It’s time to stand up for African elephants again. And now lions, too.

African Lion (Pixabay) and Elephant (Unsplash)

We can’t allow elephants to become an artifact of the past. Stand up for elephants, lions and other wildlife today. Ask President Trump to follow through on his plan to ban bringing African elephant tusks and lion hides into our country on Twitter or Facebook.

The Threat to Elephants and Lions

Last fall, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) announced it would allow big game hunters to bring African elephant “trophies” into the U.S. under certain circumstances.

But, after people like you objected, President Trump tweeted the following:

We couldn’t have made the case any better than the President. But it seems the FWS didn’t get the message.

The FWS announced in early March that they weren’t going to change their minds about elephants. And, they added, bringing in hides of lions and bonteboks (an antelope relative) would be approved on a case-by-case basis.2

Worse, Interior Secretary Zinke has also created a new “International Conservation Council” filled with hunters and hunting advocates, including some that hunt elephants for sport.1

This is unacceptable. With just 415,000 African elephants left in the world, now more than ever, we need to stand up for these vulnerable creatures and other wildlife.

How You Can Help

Fortunately, this doesn’t need to be a done deal. President Trump can order a ban at any time, just as President Obama did. And, on this issue, President Trump has shown that he’s sensitive to public opinion.

Please send him your opinion today on Twitter or Facebook, and ask him to ban hunters from putting their so-called “trophies” on their walls and floors.

Tell Pres. Trump: Save elephants, lions and other at-risk wild creatures.


Environmental Action Facebook Post for Elephants (screenshot) Environmental Action elephant tweet (screenshot)
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