Tell Pres. Trump: Don’t let wolves vanish forever

Tell Pres. Trump: Don’t let wolves vanish forever

Right now, the Trump administration is considering erasing Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves. Without continued protection, gray wolves in America would be in danger of vanishing forever.

Tell President Trump: Gray wolves need Endangered Species Act Protection

Gray wolves were nearly driven extinct in the 20th century, when lack of legal protection allowed them to be hunted, poisoned and trapped. The Endangered Species Act shields wolves from destruction, allowing populations to slowly begin recovering.1

Tell President Trump: Gray wolves need Endangered Species Act protection.

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The Threat to Wolves

The Endangered Species Act makes it illegal to kill protected animals and preserves their critical habitat. Wolves are still just beginning to return to their historic range. Federal protection is a key part of wolf recovery, and these amazing animals deserve continued protection to help them thrive.2

Only 5,500 wolves live in the lower 48 states today. When protections were lifted in the Great Lakes region in 2012, 1,500 wolves were killed in just three years before protection was reinstated by the courts.3

If wolves lose Endangered Species Act protection, nothing would stand between these incredible animals and catastrophic hunting. Killing on the scale seen in the Great Lakes would be a disaster for America’s remaining wolves.

How You Can Help

Wolves that have already lost protection face dire consequences. In most of Wyoming, unlimited numbers of wolves can be killed, and the state is trying to kill more than half of the current population.4,5

Wolves nationwide deserve our protection from this fate. They are an irreplaceable part of the American landscape and a critical component of balanced, healthy ecosystems in their natural range.

The protection of the Endangered Species Act keeps wolves away from the brink of extinction. Once wolves are gone, they’ll be gone forever. We can’t let that happen.

Tell President Trump: Our irreplaceable wildlife should not be hunted to extinction.Act today to tell the Trump administration that wolves should be here to stay.

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