Tell Chipotle To Ditch The Plastic Straws

Tell Chipotle To Ditch The Plastic Straws

Plastic pollution threatens wildlife and the environment, but your message to Chipotle can help reduce plastic waste.

Plastic straw (Photo: Anemone123, Pixabay)

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Chipotle and Plastic Straws

First, it was McDonald’s in the United Kingdom… and a test here in the US.1 Then, it was Starbucks.2 Then, Ikea, America Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Hyatt Hotels, Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Sea World.

They’ve all announced they’ll no longer be handing out plastic straws to every customer.

That’s great. But we haven’t yet found the straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back.

As we wrote to you recently, we’ve focused on persuading McDonald’s to do the right thing. That’s because McDonald’s buys so many straws and is a trendsetter for fast food restaurants.

Now, we want to focus on Chipotle Mexican Grill, the “casual fast” Mexican food restaurant chain.

Not only is it a trendsetter for the huge “casual fast food” industry — it’s also built its reputation based on its commitment to healthy food that’s also good for the environment.

And their executives seem conflicted about the issue of plastic utensils:

On the one hand, they don’t automatically give straws and forks to all of their customers. And they’ve even co-sponsored a fundraising event in California to reduce ocean plastic pollution.

On the other hand, every time you get past the register, those containers full of straws, spoons, and forks are right there, tempting you and other less, environmentally-sensitive customers to grab one.

How You Can Help

It’s time for Chipotle to eliminate that temptation.

It’s time to terminate that deal. Tell Brian Niccol, the Top Taco at Chipotle, that it’s time to stop providing plastic straws, with reasonable exceptions for disabled people with no viable alternative.

Every straw you and I and our 330 million fellow Americans absent-mindedly grab adds up to an ocean of junk in no time flat. But every petition signature sent to Mr. Niccol at Chipotle adds up to a sea change in attitude.

Please take just a moment right now and help reduce plastic pollution.

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