Take action to protect the world’s forests

Take action to protect the world’s forests

Earth has lost a third of her forests.1

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We must save the forests we have left.

This is a devastating loss — for the climate, wildlife, and both current and future generations. That’s why we’re working to protect the forest that we have left and keep it healthy, wild, and whole.

To do this, we’ll need your help.

We need to show global decision makers that there’s widespread support behind global action to protect our forests — especially primary forests, which haven’t already been subjected to logging and other industrial activity.

Take action to protect forests across the globe.

Preventing further unsustainable logging is critical to staving off the worst impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss. The trees that make up forests absorb and store carbon dioxide. Logging releases that carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.2

The world’s forests also provide critical habitat to numerous species. This includes 68% of the world’s mammal species and 75% of bird species.3 When trees are logged, wildlife lose their home, and, too often, their lives.

Global cooperation is needed to stop logging and protect the world’s forests. That’s where you can help. By signing onto our petition opposing logging, you’ll become a part of that effort.

Join other environmental activists and concerned citizens in standing against the destruction of our world’s forests.

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