Sign this quick climate change petition?

Sign this quick climate change petition?

We need to do everything we can to tackle the climate crisis. Speak out to keep more methane — a powerful contributor to climate change — out of our atmosphere.


Gas flare (photo: pixabay)

Sign the Climate Change Petition

Climate Change’s Impact

We may have as little as 12 years to prevent massive destruction from climate change, according to the world’s foremost body on the international crisis, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.1

To meet the challenge of the climate crisis — and we can meet this challenge — it will take governments, businesses, and people like us all stepping up.2

At Environmental Action, we know that no one action will solve the climate crisis. But we also believe that, working together, we can speak loudly enough and often enough to turn the country toward a cleaner, greener path.

Today’s action: oppose the Trump administration’s rollback of important rules that limit emissions of a powerful greenhouse gas that fuels climate change.

Methane Contributes to Climate Change

Methane is powerful greenhouse gas that can leak or is purposely vented into the open air at natural gas drilling sites. In fact — in the near-term — methane’s warming effects can be up to 86 percent more potent than carbon dioxide’s.3

The Obama administration increased monitoring and recapture requirements to keep methane emissions from escaping into the open air, degrading air quality, and fueling climate change. But now the Trump Administration is seeking to undermine those guidelines.4

How Your Can Help

In the face of the climate crisis, our government should be working to reduce pollution that fuels climate change — not making it easier for drilling operations to release more methane into the air.

Climate change brought scorching temperatures this summer.5 We saw frequent extreme weather events and massive wildfires.6,7 And toxic algae — supercharged by warmer waters saturated with nutrient waste — littered Florida beaches with the rotting corpses of manateees, sea turtles and other imperiled wildlife.8

Together, we need to mobilize thousands to oppose dangerously short-sighted rollbacks — and we only have until December 17 to make our voices heard!

Methane emissions fuel the climate crisis. Add your name to Environmental Action’s public comment petition right now to keep gas drillers from putting more of this potent greenhouse gas into the atmosphere.

Sign the Climate Change Petition

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