Save the Boundary Waters from mining

Save the Boundary Waters from mining

It’s up to us to save the Boundary Waters. The Trump administration recently renewed two leases for devastating mining on the doorstep of Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.1

Take action to protect the environment

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It’s not too late to save the Boundary Waters.

Mining could destroy the Boundary Waters as we know them. But even though the leases are approved, it’s not too late to stop the project from going forward.

Rep. Betty McCollum just introduced legislation that would pause mining in the Boundary Waters — and open the door to banning mining near this special place forever.2

That’s why we need to urge our U.S. House representatives to support legislation protecting the Boundary Waters today.

The Boundary Waters are worth protecting.

Its hundreds of lakes and miles of streams form a glittering, interconnected ecosystem of pristine water. Its forests nurture bears, birds and wolves. The people that flock to experience its beauty make Boundary Waters the most visited wilderness in the country.3

But the interconnected waterways that make this wilderness so beautiful and unique also make it particularly sensitive to the dangers of mining.

Any pollution that enters the Boundary Waters would spread far and wide, and be almost impossible to clean up.4 Mining operations would tear up healthy forests to build roads and tailing ponds, and disturb wildlife with dust and noise.

Send a message today.

The new legislation requires the completion of a vital environmental impact study that was cancelled by the Trump administration late last year. It forbids all mining and leasing activity near the Boundary Waters while the study is ongoing.5

Now that the Trump administration has approved the leases near the Boundary Waters, this legislation is our best chance to stop this mining project before it can harm this beloved wilderness.

Mining doesn’t belong near the Boundary Waters. Your U.S. House representative can help stop it — but they need to hear from you.

Save the Boundary Waters

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