RSVP to visit your local Walmart.

RSVP to visit your local Walmart.

Thank you so much for agreeing to participate. Please complete this survey to let us know when and where you can deliver the award to Walmart.

1. Print out a copy of the 2014 Greenwasher of the Year Award by clicking here or scrolling to the bottom of the page.

2. Head to the nearest Walmart (here’s a store locator) and ask to speak to the store manager.

If you’ve got friends who can help, you can go into the store as a delegation and hand out extra copies of the award in front of the store. Be sure to get a photo of that as well!

3. Give the manager the award and tell them what it would take for Walmart to go from greenwasher of the year to climate hero. You can mention meeting their own goal of 100% green energy, reducing its carbon emissions from shipping, and ending support for Keystone XL-loving politicians. Ask the manager to let corporate headquarters know that you stopped by. Thank them for their time.

4. Tell us how it went! Email jesse {at} or share on our Facebook page and tell us briefly how it went, which store you visited, and share a photo of you delivering the award if you can.

Special thanks to "Walmart Death Traps," a campaign for improving safety in Walmart's global factories for this idea. You can check them out, and take part in their day of action on April 24th here.