Your Action Needed to Protect Lions

Your Action Needed to Protect Lions

The African lion is the only big cat not protected by an international treaty that prohibits the buying and selling of products made from their bodies.

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Take Action for Lions

This bill could save lions.

Now, a bill that could save lions from trophy hunting is being debated on Capitol Hill.

The Conserving Ecosystems by Ceasing the Importation of Large Animal Trophies (CECIL) Act, named for the famed lion whose death at the hands of a big-game hunter drew international attention, would protect animals such as elephants and lions, vulnerable targets with dwindling populations, from being trophy hunted by halting the importation of trophies into the U.S.2

Lions are vulnerable. We must protect them.

Lions are currently listed as a vulnerable species, and their population is quickly decreasing.3 Furthermore, about 80 percent of trophy hunters worldwide are American. So an American ban on the importation and exportation of lion trophies would drastically affect the market and trophy hunting industry.4

We need to do everything we can to preserve lions’ natural habitat and encourage people to protect, not kill these creatures. To get there, we need to minimize trophy hunting. We need to ban the practice of bringing back “trophies” from killing these majestic animals.

Send a message to save lions.

Right now, Congress is considering taking major action to protect lions from becoming someone’s trophy. That’s why we need to take action today.

To ensure a safe future for lions, send your message to Congress today.

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