Trump’s Power Plan Rollback Risks Hundreds of Lives Annually

Trump’s Power Plan Rollback Risks Hundreds of Lives Annually

Help save hundreds of lives a year. Speak out to stop the Trump administration’s dirty power plan.

  • In Florida, beaches and shores are littered with the corpses of endangered sea turtles, dolphins, manatees and other wildlife that have been poisoned by climate-fueled toxic algae blooms.2
  • Increasingly large and severe wildfires across the West have threatened treasured wild places like Glacier and Yosemite National Parks.3
  • Droughts, flooding and deadly heat waves plagued communities across the country throughout the summer.4
  • This fall hurricanes Michael and Florence devastated communities along the Gulf Coast, the Carolinas, and much of the South. And scientists say these storms were made more likely and more severe by climate change. 5,6


Pro-Polluter Power Plan Will Make Things Worse

Unfortunately, this may only be the start. Scientists say that we need to change course on energy, or also risk triggering “hothouse” phenomenons that would make climate change much more severe.7

Instead, the Trump administration has proposed delaying the transition to cleaner energy sources and stalling the requirement of pollution control technologies that could reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.8

The Obama-era Clean Power Plan would have reduced carbon emissions by nearly a third before 2030. The Trump administration’s replacement plan would require only a one to two percent reduction over an even longer time period.9

How You can Help

This is no time for half measures. Please sign our new petition right now to let the Trump administration know that you propose its dirty energy plan.

Your signature today will help demonstrate public opposition to the Trump administration’s proposal during the current 60-day comment period. It will also help bolster our allies in the campaign for cleaner, more environmentally sustainable energy policies.

Lives are on the line — and we have just one week before the public comment ends. Please take just 30 seconds to sign our petition for cleaner air right now.

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