LIVE – Obama’s Last State Of The Union

LIVE – Obama’s Last State Of The Union

Tune with us Tuesday January 12 at 9pm Eastern to watch President Obama’s last State Of The Union address with live commentary on climate change, clean water, fracking, wildlife and more!

Live Blog Live! Obama’s last SOTU watch party

It seems like only recently that I watched President Obama’s first State of the Union (SOTU). But it has almost been eight years, and next Tuesday, the President will deliver his final SOTU to Congress and the nation. The President will never run for political office again, there is no re-election to think about and now is the time for him to outline and implement an effective plan for our climate, water, land and planet during his final year in office.

What’s more, he’s promised to talk about climate change, the Paris agreement, and other environmental issues in a speech focused on where our nation needs to go, not just what the next yard of political capital he wants to pick up. Join us for our annual SOTU Watch Party to see what he says along with live commentary and analysis from a special panel of environmental activists.

What will the President say about climate change and how he plans to adhere to the deal made at the Paris climate summit? Will he discuss offshore drilling, or fracking on public lands? Will he talk about endangered species, or protecting wilderness? And what about free trade agreements’ power to block climate policy and bring projects like Keystone XL back from the dead? There is only one way to find out what the President will say: *Watch the State of the Union*.

We hope you will consider watching it with us and letting everyone know what you think. This is it. The President has one more chance to lay out his vision for an environmental legacy. No matter what he says, let’s watch together so you can tell us how you feel about his message.

See you next Tuesday!