LIVE – 2016 Republican Primary Debate in SC

LIVE – 2016 Republican Primary Debate in SC

Tune in with us Thursday Night at 9 p.m. ET. to watch 2016 Republican Primary Debate in SC.

Live Blog 2016 Republican Primary Debate in SC

It’s been a busy few weeks on the campaign trail. With polls narrowing and the Iowa Caucus just a few weeks away, the race for president is entering a new phase. And climate change is getting more attention from both Republicans and Democrats as a result.

Earlier this week, President Obama called out climate denial in no uncertain terms during his last State of the Union Address. Then yesterday, a conservative news network published a video of Sen. Marco Rubio, saying Florida should have a cap-and-trade law. Rubio was speaker of the Florida House at the time, but he was quickly defended by none other than the Senate’s Climate Denier in Chief, Sen. Jim Inhofe.

The simple fact is candidates have been asked about nonsense issues and gaffes 100 percent more than they have about climate change so far. But if Fox Business News remembers last time, they also know that tonight’s debate will draw a record audience who want to see the (shrinking) field of candidates debate substantive issues. With a new report projecting that climate change disasters are the biggest threat to the global economy in 2016, not to mention a gaffe or a scandal from Sen. Rubio (if that’s how they want to cover it) now seems like the perfect time to #AskOnClimate.

It all starts tonight, Thursday, January 14, at 9 Eastern and we’re offering two ways to watch with us tonight:

Tonight’s debate will be broadcast from the North Charleston Coliseum and Performing Arts Center in South Carolina, and moderated by our old friends from the Fox Business Network: Neil Cavuto and Maria Bartiromo.

The main segment, starting at 9 p.m. ET, will include Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush and John Kasich. A secondary, earlier debate at 6 p.m. ET will include Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum. Rand Paul qualified for the secondary debate but plans to boycott.

But you don’t have to take your ball and go home just because you can’t get to Charleston or don’t have cable.